Build & Goals Programs


This consist of Ladies in charge and tgdi’s role model award project: It is a mentoring and training program for our focal group with the sole aim of raising a generation of leading ladies living balanced lives. This event will be honouring and issuing awards to reputable persons in the society whose contribution and life of integrity…

Impact Programs


This consist of the Save her dream project: It is a campaign that seeks to identify teenage girls with academic excellence, possessing unique skills and talents from select rural areas and then provide them with formal (secondary school) education and informal (skill acquisition) education with the objective of inspiring and equipping them with adequate..

Value Programs


This consist of Total compassion: our yearly give back event which focuses on providing help in form of donations to orphanages, prison, rehabilitation home for handicapped, hospitals, communities. Also Sing and save a girl concert: It is an awareness and fund raising concert. The purpose of this event is to bring together cooperate ….

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