Our Focus Areas


Promoting the education of the girl child and women in communities.

Legal advocacy

Securing justice and equity for the girl child

Training and skill acquisition

Women empowerment and seed capital funding

Healthcare service assistance

Promoting quality health care in communities.

Economic empowerment

Promoting sustainable economic policy.

Our current projects

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Music is a powerful tool that can influence the mind and emotions of almost everyone. The Sing and save a girl program is a social event that uses music to raise awareness about issues that the girl child faces.The goal of this project is to identify a particular concern plaguing the girl child, raise funds, support and other solutions in combating and defeating this challenge.



This program is geared towards helping the girl child develop a strong sense of purpose and direction in life. It features bringing notable women who have risen to prominence and impact to come share their stories, teaching this girls what they need to do to take charge of their lifes.

The Ladies In Charge project also connects girls and women to mentors and specific career Councillors who will serve as a guide towards their development.

We believe that the more women and girls that take charge of their lives and live on purpose the more wholesome our society will become  


This program is designed to develop leadership qualities and skills in women as we discovered that not enough women are stepping into leadership positions not because the offices are not open to them but because they are mostly not equipped for them.

We have designed leadership training programs for girls to equip them for leadership roles in the future. We believe one of the ways to combat inequality women experience is to build their competencies in key skills and leadership.



It is our yearly give back event which focuses on providing help in form of donations to orphanages, prison, rehabilitation home for handicapped, hospitals, communities, etc.

We provide them with food and other relief materials to enable them experience a better life condition. Our goal here is to show them enough love to inspire them to believe in a better future.

Our most recent total compassion project saw us visit the internally displaced camp located in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. Here we gave out gift items and other relieve material to those who have lost all due to the menace of the terrorist group; Boko Haram.

Save Her Dreams


It is a mentoring and training program for our focal group with the sole aim of raising a generation of leading ladies living balanced lives. This event will be honoring and issuing awards to reputable persons in the society whose contribution and life of integrity, hard work, diligent service and selfless pursuit has spurred young girls to greater challenges and increased quality of their contribution to the society.

It is a monthly strategic gathering of young ladies. It is a capacity building interactive workshop with various facilitators who serves as mentors aimed at empowering, motivating, transforming young ladies for global impact.

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